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Supporting the Chicago History Museum for Over 70 Years

Founded in 1948, the mission of The Guild of the Chicago History Museum is to support the Museum’s goals and objectives through education, service and fundraising. We are committed to assisting with a variety of the Chicago History Museum’s needs and we provide funding for many major projects.  From 1967 to 1975, The Guild contributed over $50,000 to the campaign to build a new wing for the Museum. In a modernization project launched in 1985, The Guild raised over $1 million, making it the largest support group donor to the campaign. To honor this achievement, the original 1932 Georgian-style building was dedicated to The Guild.

The Guild focuses on promoting the Chicago History Museum’s programs and groundbreaking exhibitions and has contributed over $2 million for recent projects, including:

  • 2018 Chicago Metro History Fair
  • 2017 Chicago Metro History Fair
  • 2016 Annual benefit promoting the exhibition Spies, Traitors and Saboteurs: Fear and Freedom in America
  • 2015 Guild Gallery renovation
  • 2014 Lead sponsor of The 1968 Exhibit
  • 2012 The Great Chicago Fire web application created in collaboration with Northwestern University
  • 2009 Creation of the Lincoln Bicentennial Teen Council in honor of the Year of Lincoln exhibition
  • 2008 Big Picture, an exhibition of paintings in Chicago
  • 2008 Catalogue for Chicago: Crossroads of America
  • 2004 Card Catalogue Conversion Project
  • 2002 Digital Photography Studio

As a leader among women’s boards in the city of Chicago, in May 2012 The Guild hosted an historic luncheon for eighteen women’s boards serving Chicago’s cultural community. A plaque commemorating this historic event, “200 Million Reasons to Celebrate Women,” is on permanent display in the Guild Room.

A dynamic group of more than 260 members, The Guild today continues to provide strong support to the Chicago History Museum as it pursues its mission through monthly programs, annual giving, and fundraisers.

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