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Farewell to the Baseball Palace of the World

Thirty years ago today, the Chicago White Sox played their final game at Comiskey Park. Originally named White Sox Park, the concrete and steel structure was built at 35th Street and Shields Avenue to replace the all-wooden South Side Park in 1910. Comiskey Park hosted more than 6,000 Major League games, four World Series, including the 1918 World More


Ask an Archivist Day

When you hear the word “archivist,” what comes to mind? Someone who handles papers and folders all day long? You’re right, but it’s much so more than that! Think of archivists as story collectors who help preserve history by organizing and taking care of unique materials such as documents, letters, photographs, blueprints, audio and visual More


The Palmer House: Next Door to Everything

On September 26, 1870, the Palmer House Hotel opened for business. The crown jewel in the holdings of department store mogul turned real-estate developer Potter Palmer, it was a wedding present to his wife, Bertha. Throughout its three incarnations, the Palmer House Hotel was the pinnacle of grandeur and luxury in Chicago and was for More


Virtual Tour | Bronzeville: The Black Chicago Renaissance

The Great Migration made its biggest impact on Chicago in Bronzeville, which was the city’s center of African American culture from the 1920s through the 1950s. Forced to live within tight boundaries due to unfair regulations, a diverse mix of more than 300,000 residents at its height with laborers, businessmen, domestic workers, and artists all More


Virtual Tour | The Haymarket Affair

On May 4, 1886, Chicago and the country changed forever when a bomb went off in Haymarket Square during a rally for the eight-hour workday. While the bomber remains unknown, eight men were tried for what they said rather than what they did. Join author and historian Paul Durica on a tour of places and More

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