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Due to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to suspend on-site K‒12 field trips and youth group visits until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation and update our communication as we learn more. In the meantime, we continue to support your instructional goals through our online classroom resources and virtual field trips. Subscribe to our free Teacher E-News for the latest resources and opportunities.


Middle and High School Students

Discover the historical context. Create the future.

Engage and empower your students with these field trip options. Register in advance for a student workshop or self-guided iPod tour and take advantage of our free in-gallery activities.

Facing Freedom Student Workshop

Recommended for grades 7 to 12
75-minute experience per class. Cost: $5 per student. Make a reservation.

Based on Facing Freedom in America, this workshop encourages critical thought about freedom and issues of social justice in American history, particularly in the areas of workers’ rights, armed conflict, public protest, and race and citizenship. Students become historians as they analyze and discuss objects and then add their own voices to the exhibition—curating a display case filled with their selected artifacts and handwritten interpretive text.

Advance reservations required. This workshop is available Monday through Friday and can accommodate ten to sixty-five students per day.

Audio Experiences

Grades 6 to 12
Make the most of your visit with our self-guided iPod tours. Choose from three tours: In Our Own Words, Chicago Authored, and Crossroads Authored. Advance reservations required. Cost: $2 per iPod. Capacity: 45 users. Learn more.

Conversation Starters

Grades 6 to 12
Enrich your visit to Chicago: Crossroads of America with these role-play activities. Free and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

NC_161_044“L” Cards

Climb aboard Chicago’s first “L” car and imagine riding home from a visit to the 1893 world’s fair in Jackson Park. Using character cards, students assume turn-of-the-century personas and engage their seatmates in conversations about their favorite parts of the fair.

Jazz Talk

Take a seat in the Jazz and Blues Club and use slang cards to have a Roaring Twenties–style conversation.

History à la Cart Activity Stations

Learn more about our History à la Cart activity stations. These 20-minute hands-on experiences, facilitated by trained staff and volunteers, are designed for grades 3 to 8 and work best with groups of about ten students.

Modern by Design Gallery Worksheet for Students

As your students visit Modern by Design: Chicago Streamlines America, use these worksheets to spark artifact analysis and conversation. You can use one or both during your visit!

  • Understanding Modern – Students analyze artifacts to identify and understand the aspects of Modern design featured in the objects in the exhibition.
  • Thinking Modern – Challenges students to consider how they can modernize products on display through the incorporation of new technology and design aesthetics.

American Median: Stories of Muslim Chicago Educator Learning Guide

The American Medina: Stories of Muslim Chicago exhibition offers teachers and students an opportunity to learn about Muslim communities in Chicago. This guide contains classroom-based activities and resources for an optional field trip visit to the Chicago History Museum. Please contact the Museum regarding field trip availability. Download the learning guide.

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