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Due to COVID-19, we are currently welcoming grades 7‒12 for on-site field trips but continue to suspend on-site visits for grades pre-K‒6 until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation and update our communication as we learn more. In the meantime, we continue to support your instructional goals through our online classroom resources and virtual field trips. Subscribe to our free Teacher E-News for the latest resources and opportunities.


Elementary Students

Don’t just walk through history. Do history.

Make your visit memorable with these field trip options. Register in advance for a student workshop or take advantage of our free in-gallery experiences.


nc_109_36_webStudent Workshops

Grades 1 to 4
These in-depth workshops are designed around the Common Core to help students work collaboratively, think critically, and consider multiple perspectives. Discover history through text analysis, hands-on encounters with objects, and focused time in our exhibitions. Advance reservations are required. Cost: $2 to $3 per student. Learn more.


nc_161_036_webHistory à la Cart Activity Stations

Grades 3 to 8
Engage with history at History à la Cart stations, where students actively analyze and interpret the past. Facilitated by trained staff and volunteers, these 20-minute hands-on experiences work best with a group size of about ten students. Learn more.


Patrons visitng the Wrigley Gallery and Facing Freedom. July 2015

The Great Chicago Adventure

Grades 3 to 5
This 25-minute film runs throughout the day in the Robert R. McCormick Theater. Recommended for age seven and up.

Join Roger and his babysitter Jean on an adventure through major events in the city’s history. Feel the intensity of the Great Chicago Fire and enjoy the splendor of the World’s Columbian Exposition. Explore the hustle and bustle of Maxwell Street in the 1950s and peer down from the top of the Sears Tower during its construction. Relive Chicago sports victories and cheer on President Obama during his Grant Park victory speech.


Patrons visitng the Wrigley Gallery and Facing Freedom. July 2015

The Fifth Star Challenge

If Chicago’s flag had a fifth star, what would it be? Using a gigantic touchscreen, review highlights from the city’s past, cast your vote, and see how your choice stacks up. While in the gallery, explore Chicagoland on our wall-to-wall floor map, which highlights the fifth star candidates.



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