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Enhancing Classroom Learning for Educators Serving Spanish-Speaking Students in Chicago Public Schools

Through the Chicago Literacies program, the Chicago History Museum partners with at least ten Chicago public schools over the entire school year to support third and fourth grade teachers in strengthening their bilingual (English/Spanish) students’ reading skills while learning about Chicago.

The program is completely free to participating schools and includes Spanish and English curricular resources, teacher professional development, museum visits, classroom visits, student and parent workshops, and a culminating family event at the Museum that features students’ work.

Its curricular approach is culturally relevant and focuses on the challenges, choices, and changes Chicagoans face with the hope of connecting migrant and first-generation Chicagoans to their city and inspiring them to plan for the future.

Students at Cooper Elementary School explore Chicago’s history through artifacts during the Chicago Literacies artifact workshop.
Chicago artist Jacqui Almaguer leads a workshop with educator Mrs. Kania, her students, and the students' parents at Tarkington Elementary School.
Parent and student at Rodolfo Lozano Bilingual & International Center work on literacy skills together during a parent workshop.
Chicago Literacies program teacher professional development workshop
Son Monarcas teach students and family members traditional Mexican dances during the Chicago Literacy Family Day. (June 8, 2019)
The Chicago flag inspires students of the Chicago Literacies program at Rodolfo Lozano Bilingual & International Center to create their own flags.

Program Components







Participation Expectations

In participating in the Chicago History Museum’s (CHM) Chicago Literacies program, you agree to the following:

  • Participate in all professional development opportunities provided
  • Integrate the curricular resources and activities into your instruction
  • Assist Museum educators in coordinating parent workshops, Museum and classroom visits
  • Bring students on a field trip to the Museum in coordination with curricular resources
  • Assist Museum educators in the execution of Chicago Literacies Family Day event
  • Assist Museum educators in evaluating the program

Upon your participation, you will receive the following from CHM:

  • A curricular toolkit that includes bilingual (English/Spanish), nonfiction texts and literacy activities
  • ISBE continuing education credits
  • Bus transportation for students to visit the Museum (limit 1 bus per teacher)
  • Bus transportation for students’ families to visit the Museum during Family Day (There will be a limited number of buses per school, assigned to each school on a first come, first served basis.)
  • In-school classroom support leading up to culmination of program
  • A stipend at the conclusion of the program

Chicago Literacies Application

We will be accepting applications for the 20212022 school year between June 22, 2021, and August 31, 2021.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Ema Pinto, Chicago Learning Collaborative elementary coordinator, at [email protected] or 312.799.2047.

This program is made possible by the Polk Bros. Foundation.

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