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About the Program

The Chicago Learning Collaborative (CLC), is a K-12 education initiative that provides students in Chicago’s South and West Side neighborhoods meaningful experiences centered around shared storytelling and themes of diverse narratives and perspectives. CLC programs are grounded on the idea that history is complex, and the future is yet to be written. Students are encouraged through active learning by doing and leading inquiries, collaborating to interpret history, and connecting with their communities. The CLC features custom, accessible curriculum that is audience- responsive and adaptable. CLC programs are free to all participants.

Our Approach

The CLC centers its programs around culturally responsive teaching (CRT), a research-based approach that makes meaningful connections between what students learn in school and their cultures, languages, and life experiences. These connections help students access rigorous curriculum, develop higher-level academic skills, and see the connections between what they learn at school and their daily lives. At the core of all CLC programs is the CRT framework which supports educators by enhancing their work, students by providing them with culturally responsive content and workshops, parents by providing access to the museum and learning workshops, and the community by committing to work with local Chicago artists, businesses, and various professionals who are part of the communities our programs serve.


The CLC is made up of three distinct programs for each grade level

The longest running program in the CLC, Chicago Literacies was created for students grades 3-5 and partners with 15 schools with a majority student population of English learners and 25 educators across the South and lower West Sides of Chicago. Impacting more than 700 students since 2017, this program comprises 21 English-Spanish articles with accompanying read-along audios that focus on Chicago stories and fully developed lesson plans for educators. Chicago Literacies also offers teacher professional development, Museum visits, classroom visits and student and parent workshops. Learn more about the Chicago Literacies program.

Created for students grade 6-8, is set to be implemented during the 2021-22 school year. With a curated English-Spanish curriculum, this program seeks to guide educators in implementing inquiry-based methods for teaching Chicago history. Chicago Inquiries offers educators numerous professional development workshops and a research symposium for students to learn from museum professionals, visual artists, and local independent authors. Learn more about the Chicago Inquiries program.

Supports educators in teaching Chicago history through the use of art and activism, tailored for students grade 9-12. Since its launch in 2019-20, Chicago Artivism has partnered with eight high schools, reaching a total of 500 students across the city. The program offers a fully developed curriculum and two teacher professional development workshops, artist workshops and materials needed to complete the arts-based history projects for each lesson plan. Learn more about the Chicago Artivism program.


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