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Remembering Dr. King

Apr 13 2018

The Remembering Dr. King: 19291968 exhibition invites students and teachers to walk through a winding gallery featuring of twenty-five photographs depicting key moments in Dr. King’s work and the civil rights movement, with a special focus on his time in Chicago. This classroom resource allows you to bring a portion of the experience into your classroom. It contains suggested activities, photograph analysis worksheets, as well as two timelines developed for the exhibition, one of Dr. King’s life and work, the other of national events that were part of the civil rights movement.

Remembering Dr. King – Classroom Resources

The photograph packet contains eight photographs from the exhibition to use in classroom instruction. The first page of the packet contains thumbnail images, captions, and the CHM reference number. Following that, photographs are printed on numbered, full-size pages, with the CHM reference number.

Remembering Dr. King – Photograph Packet

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