The uprising on Division Street and the demand for change

The Division Street Rebellion, which began on June 12, 1966, deeply affected how Puerto Ricans came to understand themselves and their place in the city of Chicago. It also forced the city to begin to grapple with how and where it had positioned Puerto Ricans, both physically and politically, as they migrated to Chicago in larger numbers.

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Puerto Rican riots in West Town Police presence during riot in Puerto Rican community on Division Street near Hoyne Avenue, Chicago. ST-11007177-0009, Chicago Sun-Times collection, CHM
Police patrol during Division Street riots Police patrol area on West Division Street between North Washtenaw and California Avenues during riots, Chicago. ST-12006220-0011, Chicago Sun-Times collection, CHM
Puerto Ricans march around City Hall Puerto Rican marchers picket around City Hall where Juan Diaz, director of Latin American Boys Club, presents a list of demands to the Mayor's office to address inequities in rent control, poverty, and police brutality, Chicago. ST-11007062-0006, Chicago Sun-Times collection, CHM
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