Get a glimpse into the past with our historical menu collection

Come with us back in time through Chicago’s restaurant history with a tour of the Chicago History Museum’s historical menu collection. From the first fine dining establishment to open in the new city in 1835 to the recent contributions to world cuisine, learn about the origins of Chicago’s status as one of the top food cities of the world.

See the menus in this Google Arts & Culture story.

From CHM's Historical Menu Collection

Exhibition-GAC-menus-Blackhawk Menu from The Blackhawk Restaurant, 1947. CHM, ICHi-85969-003
Exhibition-GAC-Camellia House menu The Camellia House (Drake Hotel) supper menu, 1943. CHM, ICHi-85961-003
image-ZQGEeJQBp-RqBA-large Don the Beachcomber drinks menu, back cover, 1944. CHM, ICHi-85959-002
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