“There were two Americas in Chicago, but there always are.”

At the 1968 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in August, delegates came to the city to select their next presidential candidate. Activists gathered to protest United States policies at home and abroad during the convention.

Political delegates fought inside the convention arena. Protestors and police brawled on the city’s streets. Meanwhile, the news media depicted division and violence.

Learn more about the climate in the city leading up to the DNC, the events during the days of the convention, and its aftermath and legacy in this Google Arts & Culture story.

Exhibition-GAC-Grant Park rally The anti-war rally on April 27, 1968, began with speeches at Grant Park. CHM, ICHi-068968
Exhibit-GAC-1968 protestors in Grant Park Protesters at the General John A. Logan statue in Grant Park, 1968. CHM, ICHi-050772; Peter Bullock, photographer
Exhibition-GAC-1968-Poor Peoples Campaign Led by civil rights leader Ralph Abernathy, the Poor People's Campaign mule train, 1968. CHM, ICHi-062715; Dr. Charles Roland, photographer
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