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Anti-Willis demonstrators march to city hall Anti-Willis demonstrators, led by Martin Luther King Jr., march from Grant Park to City Hall, Chicago, July 26, 1965. ST-10104095-0008, Chicago Sun-Times collection, CHM
Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks to marchers Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. standing next to Rev. Ralph Abernathy and Albert Raby at a speakers podium during a march from Buckingham Fountain to City Hall to demonstrate for quality integrated education, Chicago. ST-10104100-0002, Chicago Sun-Times collection, CHM
Exhibition-King-i036730 Civil Rights leaders Fred Shuttlesworth (left), Martin Luther King Jr. (center), and Ralph Abernathy (right) attend a funeral for victims of the 16th Street Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963. The September 15, 1963 bombing killed four young African-American girls. CHM, ICHi-036730; Declan Haun, photographer
Martin Luther King Jr. meets with President Johnson at the White House. Martin Luther King Jr. meets with President Lyndon B. Johnson at the White House, 1963. CHM, ICHi-034763; Voichi R. Okamato, photographer
Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy with civil rights leaders Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy and other civil rights leaders (including Whitney Young, Rabbi Joachim Prinz, A. Phillip Randolph, Walter Neuther, Roy Wilkins, Lyndon B. Johnson) before the March on Washington, August 28, 1963. CHM, ICHi-026777; United Press International, photographer
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