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Welcome to Chicago Metro History Fair — Where Students Make History!

The Chicago Metro History Fair is a project-based inquiry program that empowers students to Become Historians who conduct research and share their conclusions! Guided by their teachers, students in grades six through twelve choose their own topics connected to an annual theme, and then conduct research, analyze sources, make an argument, and finally produce a project to show their work. Students make websites, performances, documentaries, papers, and exhibitions which are evaluated by community volunteers at annual competitions in the Chicago metro area. This rigorous and rewarding program prepares youth for high school and college expectations as well as civic engagement. Come make history with us!

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Celebrating Student Historians: History Fair 2021

Visit our 2021 Student Accolades page to learn about the amazing work that student historians are doing this school year! You can now learn about Team Illinois’ results at the NHD National Contest here!

The Chicago Metro History Fair is supported by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation and the Polk Bros. Foundation.

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