Chicago History at Home Families

CHM at Home | Families (March 31)

Mar 31 2020

As non-native people moved to Chicago—or Checagou, as the native people of the area called it—they had to decide what to bring with them. In today’s activity, kids will reflect on, write about, and draw what they would bring if they moved to a new place.


A hide-covered wooden trunk that Rebekah Wells Heald brought to Checagou in 1811. CHM, ICHi-064677

What makes an object precious? Is it useful or does it remind you of happy memories? Ask your kids to think about what items are important to them and write out the reasons why. Then, have them illustrate the objects they listed. When they’re done, take a picture of their work and share it on social media! #CHMatHomeFamilies

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