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American Medina: Stories of Muslim Chicago

Nov 02 2020
Trinidad Castillo working on his mural American Medina, 2019. Courtesy of Castillo

Many people see Chicago as the American Medina, drawing Muslims from all over the country and world as Medina, Saudi Arabia has done for centuries. Beginning with the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, which featured some of the first mosques in the United States, Chicago is now home to a diverse Muslim community: followers from the US and abroad; members of various sects; and converts and those who were raised in the faith.

The American Medina: Stories of Muslim Chicago exhibition offered teachers and students an opportunity to learn about Muslim communities in Chicago. The exhibition drew from more than 100 interviews conducted with Muslim Chicagoans sharing their stories of faith, identity, and personal journeys. Dozens of objects from local individuals and organizations, such as garments, artwork, and photographs, as well as videos and interactive experiences expand on how and why Chicago is known as the American Medina.

Download the American Medina Educator Learning Guide.

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