Over the past several years, the United States has witnessed an unprecedented increase in proposed laws that would limit the rights of members of the transgender and nonbinary communities, with the Human Rights Campaign calling 2021 the “most anti-transgender state legislative season in history.” Illinois, however, has often been at the forefront of LGBTQIA+ rights, stemming all the way back to 1924 with the founding of the Society for Human Rights, the nation’s first known gay organization.

Thanks to the support of dedicated community members, allies, and organizations, Illinois now has several laws aimed at protecting and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. Organizations such as the Brave Space Alliance, Center on Halsted, Howard Brown Health, Equality Illinois, and many more, continue their support through serviceable action and helping to promote joy in the community.

And while there are still many concerns, the members of OUT at CHM feel it is important to highlight these support organizations and the moments of joy they’ve inspired to consider action toward a more just future.


Kim L. Hunt (she/her/hers), executive director of Pride Action Tank


Myles Brady Davis (they/them/theirs), director of communications, Equality Illinois
Bonsai Bermúdez (they/them/theirs), cofounder and executive artistic director of Youth Empowerment Performance Project

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