The Costume Council of the Chicago History Museum is excited to show their recognition and appreciation for Chicago’s most stylish men! Enjoy drinks, hors d’oeuvre, and music from DJ Derik Martin as you join us at the Chicago History Museum for an evening of fun and fashion.

Individual ticket: $100

Co-Chairs: Melissa Carter and Frank J. Rubel
Committee: Anika Allen, Michael Anderson, Amanda Bonnell, Pam Capitanini, Anne Forman, Peggy Martay, Jen Massarelli, David Mordini, Robert Noia, Karen Peters, John Rogers, David Sanchez, Aaron Shirley

We are thrilled to announce this year’s Men of Style:

  • Chahine Abou Chahine
  • Philippe André
  • Stevie Chong
  • Corey Ether
  • David Jude Greene
  • Josh Kercher
  • Alex Lawrosky
  • Jake Loncar
  • Daryl Layson
  • Sean Lewis

CMFA_2023_MenOfStyle_Chahine Abou Chahine Chahine Abou Chahine
CMFA_2023_MenOfStyle_Philippe Andre Philippe André
CMFA_2023_MenOfStyle_Stevie Chong Stevie Chong
CMFA_2023_MenOfStyle_Corey Ether Corey Ether
CMFA_2023_MenOfStyle_David Jude Greene David Jude Greene
CMFA_2023_MenOfStyle_Josh Kercher Josh Kercher
CMFA_2023_MenOfStyle__Alex Lawrosky Alex Lawrosky
CMFA_2023_MenOfStyle_Daryl Layson Daryl Layson
CMFA_2023_MenOfStyle_Sean Lewis Sean Lewis
CMFA_2023_MenOfStyle__Jake Loncar Jake Loncar
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