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CHM at Home | Families (April 10)

Apr 10 2020

Flags tell stories! The Chicago flag is full of symbolic meaning: the stars represent important events in the city’s history, the blues stripes stand for waterways, and the white stripes for where people live. Flags aren’t just for cities or countries. Some schools, such as universities and their sports teams, also have flags. In the past, families had flags with symbols on them to stand for things that were special to that family.

Postcard depicting Chicago’s municipal flag, c. 1952. CHM, ICHi-074031


What’s special about your family? Do you have a family saying? What activities do you like to do? What are your traditions? In this activity, ask your kids to design and make a family flag. Share your flag on social media using the hashtag #CHMatHomeFamilies.


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