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Celebrate Spooky Season at CHM with Haunted Dolls and History’s Horror

Mar 29 2023

When the lights turn off at the end of the day, do the artifacts come out and play? Some Chicago History Museum staff members think so. In fact, 13 of the creepiest dolls in the Museum’s collection have gotten loose, and we need help finding them! Haunted Dolls and History Horrors marks the start of “spooky season” at the Chicago History Museum. This limited time exhibition and scavenger hunt is intended for adults and children alike and features dolls with their own interesting tale and ties to some of Chicago’s dark history. Haunted Dolls and History Horrors will run from Tuesday, September 27, through Sunday, November 6, 2022.  

“I am excited for people to view items from our collection that aren’t normally shown, and learn about some frightening and intriguing tales from Chicago’s history in an interactive way” said Charles Bethea, Andrew W. Mellon Director of Curatorial Affairs at the Chicago History Museum.  

Those that dare, can stop by the Ticket Desk on the 1st floor to get a Haunted Dolls scavenger hunt guide. There are two guides available: one for adults and one for children in both English and Spanish. As you explore Chicago: Crossroads of America, keep your eyes peeled. The dolls are hiding in 13 spots, including one on the 1st floor. Be on the lookout, but beware of their haunting stares. Each doll has shed its once playful nature and adopted an eerie persona, representing—or misrepresenting—some of the most unnerving, frightening tales from Chicago history. Those who are brave enough to find them all can tell our staff at the Ticket Desk and win a special prize—quick, before they change your history! 

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