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The Teamsters Union in Chicago

In recognition of International Workers’ Day, we’re spotlighting the Teamsters Union and its history in Chicago. Historically, the term “teamsters” referred to commercial road transportation workers. Before 1945, most teamsters worked locally, driving “teams” of horses throughout Chicago. By the late twentieth century, national road networks enabled an interstate trucking industry, which employed many long-haul More

Remembering the Memorial Day Massacre

In this blog post, CHM chief historian and Studs Terkel Center for Oral History director Peter T. Alter talks about a major event in Chicago and national labor history that is often excluded from standard historical interpretations. He sits on the website advisory board of the Southeast Chicago Historical Society, which recently launched a new More

The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

To mark Labor Day and Chicago’s long history of labor activism, CHM assistant curator Brittany Hutchinson recounts how the Pullman Company’s porters formed the first all-Black labor union in the US to address low wages, long hours, and mistreatment from passengers.   In August 1925, A. Philip Randolph was elected president the newly formed Brotherhood More