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John Kikulski and the Labor Movement

To mark Labor Day 2023, CHM editor Heidi Samuelson writes about Polish-born John Kikulski, a Chicago labor leader in the early twentieth century. You can see more about Kikulski in our exhibition Back Home: Polish Chicago. Labor Party candidates palm card, Chicago, 1919; CHM, ICHi-182716-001 John Kikulski was born in the village of Okinin in More

Exhibiting a Post-World War II Wedding Dress

In this blog post, mount maker Michael Hall writes about preparing a wedding gown with a poignant backstory for display in Back Home: Polish Chicago. Front view of Jane Wyrwa’s wedding dress and headpiece, Göppingen, Germany, 1947. Courtesy of Eve Wyrwa-Miller. All photographs by CHM staff. In 1944, Wiesława “Jane” Lippert, originally from Łodz, Poland, More