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CHM at Home | Families (April 7)

Chicago is known as a city of neighborhoods. It has 77 official community areas and each one is home to multiple neighborhoods. Across the city, these neighborhoods have unique qualities that make them special places to live and work. Today’s activity continues our exploration of the white stripes on Chicago’s flag, which stand for the North, South, and West Sides of the city, with a focus on where you live!

Bird’s-eye view of Chicago’s street grid pattern at night, Chicago, November 26, 1968. HB-31753-B, CHM, Hedrich-Blessing Collection

What makes your neighborhood or town memorable? Using activity cards provided in our worksheet, kids can personalize them with the places and things that make their own neighborhood or town special. They can use the cards to create a visual storyboard or tell a story about where they live. Share your stories on social media using the hashtag #CHMatHomeFamilies.

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