December 6th 


Do you know the password?

Put on your best get-up and join us at our juice joint as we celebrate the 85th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. Grab some giggle water, test your luck at the tables, and stretch your stilts on the dance floor all night long–or at least until the feds find us. 

Ladies, gents, and bright young things

Put on some swingin' threads and show us your best moll or doll.

Get some outfit inspiration from flappers and dappers 

of this bygone era. 

The talk of the town

"My husband and I look forward to this event every year! "

"This was great! Such a fun event "

"Had the best time, can't wait until next year! "

Sit pretty & let all the guys and dolls know your whereabouts.


Thank you to our sponsors

Chicago History Museum

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