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Virtual Contests

Remaining 2020 contests are converting to Virtual Contests in response to COVID-19. Read the note from CMHF Manager Tyler Monaghan.

Senior Division Finals

  • Senior Finals Project Submission Guidelines: learn how to submit your projects to the Senior Finals contest. Please read the guidelines before submitting your project.
  • The link to submit your projects can be found in the guidelines.
  • All projects other than websites must re-submit their projects, even if no modifications have been made since the first round regional contest. Teachers, contact CMHF staff if this is not possible.
  • All project submissions are due by 6pm on April 21.
  • Teachers or students may submit their projects.

Junior Division Metro Regional Contest

  • Instructions for submitting Junior Division projects for the Junior Division Virtual Contest: Learn how to submit your exhibits, documentaries, and performances to the Virtual Contest.
  • Use the link in the guidelines to submit projects.
  • The deadline for regular project submissions has now passed. Extended-deadline projects (for those with special circumstances due to social distancing, e.g. a project locked in school building) are due by April 18 and must be pre-approved by CMHF staff with teachers.

Illinois History Day (IHD – state)

The Illinois History Day contest this year will be held virtually in early May. Further details will be shared with advancing teachers and students as advancing projects are announced. Teachers and students should be aware that due to unforeseen circumstances this year, the time available for students to revise projects before state competition will be minimal.

  • All projects (except Papers) competing at State will require a Process Paper in place of a Summary Statement. Check out our draft document explaining how to write a Process Paper here.
  • All revisions and submissions for competition and State must be complete by May 7. CMHF Staff will provide details to advancing teachers and students.

National History Day (NHD – nationals)

NHD is switching to a virtual contest this year. Learn more on the NHD “Virtual 2020 National Contest” website.

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