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Virtual Tour | Leopold and Loeb

Tuesday, September 8

On May 21, 1924, a young boy went missing. The next morning, his father received a phone call informing him that his son had been beaten to death. This gruesome, senseless act stained Chicago’s history and still leaves many baffled. Log on and join author and historian Paul Durica for an exploration of the Kenwood neighborhood home to Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, the growing fascination with “true crime,” and the role media can plan in sensationalizing crime stories. View the scene of the crime and other sites connected to the murder of Bobby Franks and the ensuing debates surrounding the death penalty.

$5; Free for members

Tour runs about 1 hour; Zoom link provided after registration

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Nathan Leopold Jr.'s police mugshots and physical records, DN-0078242
Nathan Leopold's glasses used as evidence in Leopold and Loeb trial, DN-0077995

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Chicago History Museum Sharing Chicago's Stories