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Virtual Tour | Lager Beer Riot

Wednesday, April 21

What happens when you get between Chicagoans and their beer?

In 1855, low voter turnout allowed for a small group of anti-immigrant and temperance advocates to gain control of Chicago’s political scene. Their first act was to infringe on the leisure time of the city’s largely immigrant population. Mayor Levi Boone raised liquor license fees and reinstated an old rule requiring taverns and saloons to be closed on Sundays. Some tavern owners resisted, which led to arrests and unrest.

Learn more about the events leading up to the Lager Beer Riot and its aftermath on our virtual tour led by author and historian Paul Durica.

$5; Free for members 

Tour runs about 1 hour; Zoom link provided after registration 

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A group of men in front of Joe's Place bar, Chicago, c. 1900. CHM, ICHi-020527
Two arms holding glass steins of beer in a toast, Chicago, c. 1935. DN-0102907, Chicago Sun-Times/Chicago Daily News collection, CHM
Seven glass steins of beer, resting on a board, on a table, c. 1935. DN-0102902, Chicago Sun-Times/Chicago Daily News collection, CHM

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