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Educator Program

Virtual Teacher Tuesday

Tuesday, February 23

Designed for educators, Teacher Tuesday is an informal session that focuses on a topic and teaching strategy. Meet with Museum educators, take home resource materials, and develop your own instructional planning.

At this session, explore the oral historybased American Medina: Stories of Muslim Chicago exhibition to learn more about the experiences of the Chicago Muslim community and how they helped shape our city.

1.5 PD hours. Recommended for teachers of grades 3–12.

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The Moorish Palace at the 1893 world's fair. ICHi-013859
Girls in classroom, Chicago, 1987. ICHi-036669
Two bakers at the Al Ahram Bakery, Chicago, 1987. ICHi-036634

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23 rd

5:00–6:30 p.m.



$ 5

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Chicago History Museum Sharing Chicago's Stories