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Minibus Tour—Chicago: Her Story

Saturday, March 28

Discover how women shaped the Chicago we know today. Designed for educators, CHM educator Megan Clark, leads a minibus tour that explores how four Chicago women—an activist, a philanthropist, an anarchist, and a reformer—agitated positive change in the lives of other women and children through very different approaches. Tour participants are invited to register a noneducator guest.

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Civil rights activist and journalist Ida B. Wells, 1920. ICHi-012867
Businesswoman, socialite, and philanthropist Bertha Honoré Palmer, September 13, 1918. ICHi-061451
Social reformer and peace activist Jane Addams with children at Hull-House, 1932. ICHi-009374
Three-quarter length portrait of Mrs. Lucy E. Parsons, arrested for rioting during an unemployment protest at Hull House in Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. Parsons was the widow of Albert Parsons, one of the men hanged for his role in the Haymarket Affair.

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9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.



$ 40

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Chicago History Museum

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