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History Fair Students Need You!

The Chicago Metro History Fair invites you to serve as a judge at the 2020 Virtual History Fairs. You’ll do your part to support education as you enjoy and learn from local students’ exhibitions, documentaries, performances, websites, or papers.

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all remaining History Fair events for 2020 have been converted to Virtual Contests. There will be no in-person gatherings, but History Fair will continue!
  • All project categories will be submitted and judged remotely.
  • History Fair still needs you! Register as a Virtual Judge here or by by scrolling down this page. You may register for as many events as you wish.

Virtual Contest Judging

LIVE Judging events

“Live” judging events take place online and mimic the format of the “physical” history fair contests. Attend a live webinar orientation, view your projects and complete your assessments all in one Saturday.

OFFLINE Judging events

“Offline” judging events take place via email on judges’ own time. You will receive an orientation and your projects to evaluate via email. Return them to CMHF by the due date.


History Fair Judging FAQs

Who are the students?
What qualifications do I need to judge?
Do I need to attend an orientation before I sign up to judge?
What is the judging process?

How does the overall competition work?
How does paper and website judging differ from the big events?
Where does judging take place?
What if I can no longer participate in the session(s) I signed up to judge?
May I bring a friend to judge too?
How are the winners selected?
How do I find out which projects have advanced?

We trust you are convinced of this rewarding civic contribution. Register below!

Judging a History Fair project

Judges who wish to preview judging materials and previous History Fair project examples are welcomed to do so. You may also take an advance look at the general orientation: “Judging a History Fair project.”

Website judges may wish to read “How to Judge a History Fair website” before judging.

Judging Materials

Junior Division Judging Materials (grades 68)

High School Division Judging Materials (grades 912)

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