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Check out examples of projects submitted to CMHF in previous years below!

Please note that due to minor rule and administrative changes, the projects below may not be fully compliant with current CMHF rules. They are provided for demonstration purposes only.


“IQ: The Test Taken Too Far” by Lina Kapp

“Memorial Day Tragedy and Triumph of Unions” by Chealsea Farmer

“Refugio Martinez,” Senior Group Performance

“Stockyards,” Senior Individual Performance

“Benny Goodman and Teddy Wilson: Changing the Face of Jazz,” Senior Group Performance

Research Papers

Junior Division Research Paper and Annotated Bibliography

“It all Started in a Supermarket: Women Taking a Stand for Consumer Rights” by Hope Walter
Paper and Annotated Bibliography (PDF)

“How to Take Your Hospital on the Road: The Leadership of Charles Puestow and the 27th Evacuation Hospital Unit” by Ethan Parham
Paper and Annotated Bibliography (PDF)

High School Division Research Paper and Annotated Bibliography

“HUAC and the Stamler-Hall Case,” By Aruj Chaudhry
Paper and Bibliography (PDF)

“Fed by Fear: The FBI’s Crusade Against Fred Hampton and the Black Panthers,” by Sam Bouman
Paper and Bibliography (PDF)


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Robert McCormick: Defining the Rights and Responsibilities of  Freedom on the Press

Mujeres Latinas En Accion

Anti-Communism in Illinois: The Debate Between Freedom and Security

Keeping Chicago Dry: Eliot Ness and the Untouchables

Fighting for their Homes: The Story of the Contract Buyers League

Turmoil on the City Streets: The Democratic National Convention of 1968

ROTC in Waukegan High School:

Chicago History Museum Sharing Chicago's Stories