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All CMHF Regional History Fair contests will be held Virtually for the 2020-21 School Year (2021 contest season)!

Stay tuned to this space for more detailed info about the Virtual Contests!

Virtual Contest FAQs

  • Why was this decision made?
    • Through the data we have gathered from schools in our region, conversations with partners and teachers, and in consultation with Illinois History Day, it became evident that in-person contests simply could not happen in the form they have taken in the past. Between public health directives, school- and district level restrictions, the comfort of our participants – students, families, teachers, judges – and other factors, it became clear that a Virtual Contest was the only way to provide the stability that teachers need to plan and that students need to visualize and become excited about their projects.
  • How will this impact the different project categories?
    • We are working on full guidance for each category to help teachers and students make project decisions.
    • Websites, documentaries, and papers are largely unchanged by the switch to Virtual.
  • Will there be student interviews at the Virtual Contests?
    • Interviews are an important part of the traditional History Fair process and we are looking at ways to safely and feasibly implement interviews for the Virtual Contests. Options being considered include group interviews, peer interviews, and student-submitted recordings that address common interview questions.
  • What about State and Nationals?
    • IHD (state) will be virtual and we expect NHD to make a decision about the National Contest in early 2021. See details as they become available below.

Illinois History Day (IHD – state)

The 2021 Illinois History Day contest this year will be held virtually in early May. Further details will be shared with advancing teachers and students as advancing projects are announced.

National History Day (NHD – nationals)

We expect NHD to make a decision about the 2021 NHD National Contest in early 2021.

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