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All CMHF Regional History Fair contests will be held Virtually for the 2020-21 School Year (2021 contest season)! This page will provide resources about the project categories and registration process for the virtual History Fair contests.

Category Information


All exhibits will be submitted and judged virtually. However, students may choose whether to create a physical exhibit and convert it to a virtual format, or create a digital exhibit from the beginning using Google Drawings.


Performances will be video-recorded and submitted along with a companion worksheet that outlines the setting, characters, etc. Group performances may use video-conferencing software such as Google Meets or Zoom to record their performances in a socially distant manner. Props, costumes and sets are permitted. Virtual backgrounds may be used. Recordings should be completed in one uninterrupted take (no post-production or editing).

Papers, Documentaries, and Websites

These categories are largely unchanged by the switch to a virtual format. We will provide full instructions for submitting these projects closer to the contests.

Registering for History Fair

This year, CMHF will use the zFairs contest management system to operate our virtual contests. Registration for Judges is now open! Visit our Virtual Judging page learn more and to sign up! Full instructions and video guides for teachers and students will be made available when registration opens.

Virtual Contest FAQs

  • Will there be student interviews at the Virtual Contests?
    • Interviews are an important part of the traditional History Fair process and we are looking at ways to safely and feasibly implement interviews for the Virtual Contests. Options being considered include group interviews, opt-in only interviews, and student-submitted recordings that address common interview questions.
  • What about State and Nationals?
    • State and Nationals will be virtual for 2021. Students who advance to the state and national contests will be using the same guidelines and evaluation forms at every level of competition. All contests, from the Chicagoland regionals to the national contest, will be held online in the zFairs contest system.


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