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Team Bow and Needle
Team Diverse Designs
Team Fashion Senses
Team Maine Couture
Team RejuveNation
Team Visualizing Vyntaje 2072

Introducing the designers of FashioNext 2017

Bow and Needle

Lane Tech College Prep

Bow and Needle is comprised of students who met in Lane Tech’s Fashion Club. At Lane, we take pride in all we do, and each one of us is proud to carry the fire of the warrior. Instead of competing with a warrior’s arrow, we will shoot for the stars with needle and thread. This group of ten is driven by peace, love, positivity, and creativity. Our diversity is the magic bow that we carry.

Crowned in Garnet

Young Women’s Leadership Charter School

Crowned in Garnet is a team of young African American women leaders who have different senses of style from different walks of life. We’re a fusion of creative, diverse, unique, and cultured young women who’ve come together to create a garment that represents Mainbocher for the next generation. Our garment will show transition in style from armor to avant-garde.

Diverse Designs

Niles North High School

Diverse Designs is composed of nine students from Skokie, Illinois, a very diverse community. We come from grades 10 to 12 and are all first-time competitors in FashioNext. Although we come from a manifold of cultural backgrounds and all possess distinct talents and styles, we are woven together by a passion for the art of fashion. As fresh-minded individuals, we look forward to making a contribution of our own aesthetic to create something extraordinary.

Fashion Senses

After School Matters, Chicago Vocational Career Academy

Fashion Senses is a group of eight enthusiastic innovators. We are preparing ourselves to be future leaders in the medical, culinary, horticulture, and cosmetology industries. FashioNext is a creative stepping-stone that encourages risk taking and the courage to explore the unknown. It is an opportunity for individual students to showcase their creativity through design, embellishing, hand sewing, and crocheting. Career choices will lead us to different paths, but we are on a united path to creating something great as a team.

Maine Couture

Maine South High School

We are Maine Couture, a group of junior and senior girls currently enrolled in Fashion 3 and Fashion 4 classes. We met in class and have grown from beginner to advanced students. Many of us have been involved in Fashion Club and competed through the fashion program at our school. Participating in these events has helped prepare us for FashioNext, expanding our creativity and teaching us teamwork. Our name represents our school and connects us to Mainbocher. Our love for fashion is what makes this team great. Fashion is a part of us and will stick with us in our future pursuits.


Maine East High School

“RejuveNation” is a team of nine diverse fashion students. Each individual brings their own unique talents to the challenge. Our team is comprised of individuals who excel at fashion illustration, construction, and apparel design. We chose our name because we want our design to portray the upcoming and rejuvenated nation in “Snow.” Much like the people in the story, our team comes from different backgrounds, but we unite to conquer a new beginning.

Thin Mints

Maine South High School

What originally started out as “Mentees” transformed into “Thin Mints.” We are a group of senior and junior girls. We are different in so many ways, but our love for fashion design and construction—even the seam ripping part—has brought us together. As we were looking at the tables of fabric, the one that stood out (and the one we bid all of our rations on) had a delicious, silky mint-colored fabric amongst it. We were also inspired by a mint gown and the Girl Scout uniforms designed by Mainbocher. Thin Mints was the perfect fit!

Twyce Styled

After School Matters, Chicago Vocational Career Academy

Twyce Styled is a spirited group of ladies who have come together to share their talent and collaborate to build something that may be an inspiration to others. Though ultimately we may become carpenters, cosmetologists, or even medical professionals, this team has many types of artists, from illustrators to chefs to designers. FashioNext will give us an opportunity to step outside the box and create a unique garment from thought process to fruition. We look forward to inspiring one another and sharing creative ideas.

Visualizing Vyntaje 2072

George Westinghouse College Prep

Visualizing Vyntaje 2072 (pronounced veen-tah-jay) is a group of students with a passion for fashion! So far we love learning more about the first American couturier who grew up in the same neighborhood as our school. Our team name is loosely inspired by the title of his exhibition, Making Mainbocher, and his decision to change the pronunciation of his name for his label. Also, while we recognize that “vintage” can mean many things today, we see it as a broad style that we have a shared appreciation for with Mainbocher. By adding 2072 as the year, that opens up our design options even wider.

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