Chicago History at Home Families

4.14 | Photographs

Apr 14 2020
Group of children outside Pop’s Place hot dog stand.

Photographs are one important way historians learn about the past. They tell stories about the time and place they were taken and the people and landscape that were captured. Looking at photographs can show us the things people did for fun, how a place used to look, how people dressed during a particular time period, and even the pets they loved. In today’s challenge, you’ll explore your own photographs of family and friends.

A group of children outside of Pop’s Place hot dog stand, Chicago, 1987. CHM, ICHi-039263; Patty Carroll, photographer

What stories do your photographs tell? Take a close look at one photograph and talk about its details. Have fun pretending to be statues and restaging the image. Then take a new picture to share with family and friends. Share your old and new photographs on social media using the hashtag #CHMatHomeFamilies.

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