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The Finest Furry Friends

May is National Pet Month, which celebrates the benefits that pets bring to people’s lives—and vice versa. Since Illinois’s stay-at-home order began in mid-March, many of the Chicago History Museum staff members have been spending more quality time with their cats and dogs. Some pets have jumped right into work alongside (or onto) their person, while others are merely ignoring this new daytime intruder.

Throughout the years, Chicagoans have enjoyed the company of their furry and feathered friends. Explore the images that document pets and their owners on CHM Images, our online portal. See the images.

Peruse a selection of digitized prints and photographs at CHM Images, our online portal. Featured galleries include images from our recently acquired Chicago Sun-Times Photography Collection, Raeburn Flerlage’s work documenting the Chicago blues and folk music scene from the 1950s to the 1970s, and Declan Haun’s photography capturing the American Civil Rights Era. See more images

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