Masks required in Abakanowicz Research Center; optional for rest of Museum MORE

Forever Set In Stone?

DePaul University students Joseph Flynn, Jay Kietzman, Jessica Licklider, and Lily Zenger delve into the issues surrounding the Civil War monuments in the Chicago area. They were students of Peter T. Alter, the Museum’s historian and director of the Studs Terkel Center for Oral History, as part of DePaul University’s public history program. Former CHM More

Excommunicated from the Union

William B. Kurtz, Excommunicated from the Union: How the Civil War Created a Separate Catholic America. New York, Fordham University Press (2015). For students of Catholics in America and of immigration, this is an essential study of identity and historical memory in the context of nativism and anti-Catholicism. For readers interested in the Civil War, More

The Grand Army of the Republic

CHM collections volunteer Robert Blythe details the history and contents of the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Illinois records in our Research Center. During the Civil War, some 2.7 million men served in Union blue from 1861 to 1865. To preserve their bonds of comradeship and ensure that veterans and their families received More

Marching Home

Brian Matthew Jordan. Marching Home: Union Veterans and Their Unending Civil War. New York, Liveright Publishing Company (2014). This is a very special book. The foundation is the author’s command of archival resources, giving access to rich veins of material both on veterans and their families and on the communities to which they returned. He More

American Ulysses

Ronald C. White. American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses S. Grant. New York, Random House (2016). Author Ronald C. White has the range of skills required to raise Grant’s standing as military leader, as president, and as human being. This is a tour de force, but promise me that you also will read—or reread—Grant’s Personal More