Masks required in Abakanowicz Research Center; optional for rest of Museum MORE

The Birth of the Báb and Baháʼu’lláh

From sundown on Tuesday, October 25, through sundown on Thursday, October 27, followers of the Baha’i faith will be celebrating important Twin Holidays: the birth of the Báb (Arabic: the Gate) and birth of Bahá’u’lláh (Arabic: Glory of God), its two foundational figures. In recognition, we look to the Chicago History Museum’s collection of pamphlets More

Building Chicago: The Architectural Masterworks

                        John Zukowsky. Building Chicago: The Architectural Masterworks. New York, Rizzoli (2016). What sets this book apart is not only Zukowsky’s interpretation of the two-century sweep of Chicago architecture, but the way that he sheds light on the past few decades. He sees historicism More

From Ashes to Terra-Cotta

October 9, 2017 CHM senior curator Olivia Mahoney writes about a Chicago innovation that helped the city recover from the 1871 fire in a surprisingly beautiful way. This year marks the 146th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire that blazed through the city from October 8 to 10, 1871. One of the worst urban fires More

Unbuilt Utopian Cities 1460 to 1900

                            Tessa Morrison. Unbuilt Utopian Cities 1460 to 1900: Reconstructing Their Architecture and Political Philosophy. Burlington, Vermont, Routledge (2016). What Tessa Morrison brings to the subject of unbuilt utopian cities is an analysis of the various political philosophies underlying each one. These More