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Small Miracles

This one’s for all the parents and caregivers out there juggling working from home, digital learning, and just trying to make it through the day. In this article, Richard Cahan, former Chicago Sun-Times photo editor and guest curator for our upcoming exhibition Millions of Moments: The Chicago Sun-Times Photo Collection, reflects on how his late colleague Jim Quinlan helped him out as a young working dad. 

On Christmas Eve of 1986, Cahan was working the dreaded holiday night shift at the Chicago Sun-Times and yearned to be at home with his family. But Quinlan performed a small miracle that ended up delighting the three Cahan children for the next 33 years. Read the article.

A Japanese grandfather and his two granddaughters in Chicago, 1987. CHM, ICHi-061552; James Newberry, photographer

Millions of Moments: The Chicago Sun-Times Photo Collection

From soaring joy to deep grief, beaming pride to livid outrage, the photojournalists of the Chicago Sun-Times captured these emotions and more as they doggedly, and often artfully, documented the city’s breaking news. Their bold images—of sports and entertainment legends, presidents, and everyday Chicagoans—earned the Sun-Times the moniker “Chicago’s Picture Newspaper” during the twentieth century.

Featuring 150 images from the Chicago History Museum’s Chicago Sun-Times collection, the Millions of Moments exhibition will debut when the Museum reopens. The café-style gallery will display highlights from one of the largest newspaper photograph collections ever acquired by an American museum. View the Chicago Sun-Times Photo Collection.

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