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Rita Moreno, La Pionera

“And of course what’s funny is that, in the film, I am the person who wants to stay in America, and I would love America. And of course my sentiments, if I were in Anita’s position, and I certainly was once, would be just the opposite. Or not so much not staying in America, but changing things. I want to stay in America, it’s a wonderful country, but I’d sure like to see some changes.”

A member of the elite EGOT winners’ circle and recipient of a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004, Rita Moreno is a pioneer in arts and culture. Today, we celebrate Moreno’s contributions by revisiting her 1962 interview with Studs Terkel in which they discuss her Puerto Rican heritage as it relates to her portrayal of Anita in West Side Story. Moreno won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for that role on this day fifty-eight years ago, becoming the first Latinx woman to do so. Listen now.

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