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Quarantine Baking this Weekend?

Before Cuisinart, Keurig, and Vitamix, Sunbeam had the most innovative kitchen gadgets on the market. 

As the economy began to recover after the Great Depression, consumers called for new ways to update their homes and most started with their kitchens. Chicago answered the call with a multitude of streamlined designed appliances and products that became icons of American design

At the top of the list stood a group of Sunbeam appliances made by the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company. Established in 1897, the company originally made sheep-shearing and horse-trimming equipment before adding a line of small household appliances in 1921. Well-designed and made to last, Sunbeam appliances gained a national reputation for quality that helped the company survive the Great Depression. See the products

Published by the Chicago History Museum, Chicago History magazine features scholarly articles that draw upon our research collection.  In the article “Modern by Design: Chicago Streamlines America,” learn how Chicago became the national center of streamlined design, a popular style that transformed the look and feel of life in the United States. Read the article.

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