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Our Nation’s Unsung Heroes

Togetherness is the theme of Museum Week 2020. In the spirit of togetherness, today we recognize and honor those whose jobs help fight against COVID-19 and keep communities healthy and functioning in this new normal. With the global pandemic has come countless unknowns, but one thing is certain—the people who have committed to serving their communities in such turbulent times should be recognized and appreciated. 

Those performing essential jobs in hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, restaurants, delivery and transportation services, and beyond are helping all of us survive this crisis one day at a time. Learn more about how Chicagoans handled epidemics in the past and how their changes ultimately improved life in the city.

A group of American Red Cross nurses, c. 1915. CHM, ICHi-038748

More than one hundred years ago, as World War I was winding down, a new challenge loomed in 1918 with the global spread of influenza. Explore this pandemic of the past and learn how nurses on the frontlines helped battle the disease and how daily life in Chicago changed for everyone, much like it has here today, as we respond and adapt to protect our communities. See more.

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