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In March of 1933, the radio soap opera Just Plain Bill premiers on WMAQ, Chicago's NBC affiliate.
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Rubloff Auditorium

Historic and Handsome

Rubloff Auditorium side viewConsider the Chicago History Museum's Rubloff Auditorium for your next shareholder meeting, training session, lecture, film screening, or concert.

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The Wrigley Gallery

Adjacent to the Rubloff Auditorium, the Wrigley Gallery is perfect for receptions prior to or following a program in the auditorium.


The stage is 25 x 42 feet with two sets of portable steps from the stage to the main floor. Black velvet curtains screen off the backstage area. There are also two dressing rooms, a 10 x 14 ft. rear projection screen, and a 24 x 11 ft. front projection screen available.

The House

Four hundred forty seats are arranged in three sections around a 25-foot proscenium stage. Acoustical engineering permits use with or without sound system.


Several dimmable chandeliers provide general illumination for the house. Onstage lighting consists of 2 banks (upstage and downstage) of red, white, and blue striplights providing downlighting. Additionally there are 4 PAR cans positioned two apiece at side house positions for front lighting of the stage. All lighting is controlled by a lighting controller backstage.


The auditorium can accommodate rear projection for DVD, VHS, and Computer input (ie. Powerpoint presentations) via a 4000 lumens SXGA LCD projector. House sound is provided via a 1200W system featuring 4 speaker channels plus subwoofer (stereo from front cluster, and left and right fills). A 16 channel XLR snake onstage runs to a Mackie 1604 VLZ III mixer at the back of house position. Microphones, cables, a podium, and a grand piano are available. Additional equipment includes a hearing assist system.

Minimal technical support is available from the Museum. Clients are advised to bring their own staff.

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