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Enrich your visit with a self-guided iPod tour.

Recommended for grades 6 to 12
Advance reservations required. Cost: $2 per iPod. Capacity: 45 users.
Use the field trip reservation form to reserve iPods for your group.


Volunteers engaging patrons of the museum

In Our Own Words

Developed, written, and performed by Lake View High School students, this tour of Chicago: Crossroads of America features original interviews, vintage music, dialog, and dramatic readings on topics such as the Great Chicago Fire, gangland Chicago, jazz and blues music, and the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Running time: 40 minutes

  • Download the tour onto your personal device for free.
  • Use the teacher discussion guide—before and after your field trip—to expand on the topics, artifacts, issues, and historical arguments presented in the audio tour.

Chicago Authored

Engage with the city’s history through literature. For use in the exhibition Chicago Authored, this digital experience features nineteen audio excerpts that offer perspectives on the city over time and across communities. Running time: 60 minutes

Crossroads Authored

Add a literary dimension to your exploration of Chicago: Crossroads of America. This audio tour offers perspectives on Chicago’s evolution from its great literary traditions. Listen to works by a dozen beloved authors, including Theodore Dreiser, Lorraine Hansberry, and Studs Terkel. Running time: 40 minutes

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