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Family History

Activities My Name Scavenger Hunt | Discussing, Writing, Movement The Chicago Start the activity My Family and Friends Snapshot | Discussing, Close Looking, Movement he Chicago Start the activity The Story of My Day | Reading, Writing, Discussing, Drawing he Chicago Start the activity Tell Me Your Story | Discussing, Writing, Drawing he Chicago Start the activity Family Food More

Chicago Flag-Part Two

Activities Chicago Landmarks | Game Playing, Drawing, Researching The white stripes on the Chicago flag stand for the places we live: the North, South, and West Sides of the city. Chicago is world-famous for its skyscrapers, beautiful parks, public art, and sports venues, but the city’s neighborhoods are also home to some distinctive architecture and special More

Chicago Flag: Part One

Activities Know Your Chicago Flag | Drawing, crafting  The Chicago flag is a starting point for exploring the city’s rich history. Each activity will encourage your kids to share their ideas and express their creativity.The Chicago flag can be found throughout the city, but do you know what its stars and stripes symbolize? Discover the meaning More

1893 World’s Fair

Activities Stories help us imagine past times and places and connect with people from long ago. This week’s activities are based on a short story called Best of the Fair, which is about the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. It was an amazing world’s fair! More than 20 million people from around the world visited Chicago to More

Built Environment

Activities The places we live, work, learn, and have fun as well as the roads and transportation systems that connect them are all designed and constructed by people. This is called the built environment, and it is all around you. This week, we’ll explore the built environment through activities that look at our own homes, More


Activities Artifacts are all around us. They are objects that were made and used by people and often have amazing stories to share! Studying artifacts can help us learn about the people who made or owned them, how technology changes, what was important during different time periods, and why some things last longer than others. More

Chicago Blues History

Activities Chicago is famous for a type of music called the blues. During the Great Migration, African Americans moved from southern states to northern states and brought blues music with them. As they settled into their new lives in cities, the music changed to reflect those places. In Chicago, it was electrified. Blues music became More

Abraham Lincoln

Activities Abraham Lincoln is one of the most important presidents of the United States. He is the subject of more than 15,000 books and has been depicted in movies, on television, and in advertising. The Chicago History Museum has had many exhibitions about Lincoln throughout the years. Our collection has very special artifacts that help More

Hooray for Hot Dogs!

Activities One of the foods Chicago is famous for is the humble hot dog! A Chicago-style hot dog has seven toppings, and NONE of them are ketchup! From their introduction at the 1893 world’s fair to enjoying them at a picnic or in a ballpark today, the hot dog has important connections to life in More

Summer Fun

Activities Long cold winters and soggy springs leave us very ready to enjoy warm summer days! Chicagoans are fortunate to have amazing parks throughout the city, beaches along Lake Michigan, and beautiful spaces such as the Riverwalk and the 606 for outdoor activities. From front porches to backyard grilling, summer is meant for fun. This More