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Artifacts are all around us. They are objects that were made and used by people and often have amazing stories to share! Studying artifacts can help us learn about the people who made or owned them, how technology changes, what was important during different time periods, and why some things last longer than others. This week, we’ll focus on discovering the hidden history of everyday items, family objects, and artifacts from the Chicago History Museum. As young historians, you’ll analyze, question, write, draw, and create to complete these artifact challenges.

Analyze It! | Close Looking, Writing, Drawing, Researching,

How good are you at asking questions? Tackle this fun challenge to see how many questions you can ask about an object in three minutes! Then use our special sheet to analyze it.

Artifact Life Story | Close Looking, Writing, Performance

Use your imagination to write an amazing story about the past from an artifact’s point of view. Then share your tale with family and friends.

History Detective | Close Looking, Writing, Drawing, Performing

Mrs. Nora Nostalgia has found a trunk full of old things, but she doesn’t know what they are! As a history detective, your job is to investigate the objects and help crack the case of “The Mysterious Trunk.”

Artifact ABCs | Close Looking, Writing, Crafting

Artifacts come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and start with every letter of the alphabet. Create your own ABC artifact book inspired by items from around your home.

Toasters through Time | Close Looking, Reading, Crafting

We might take the toaster for granted, but this appliance changed eating habits around the world and is an example of innovations in technology, design, and marketing. Discover the amazing history of the toaster through a fun timeline challenge!

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