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Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln is one of the most important presidents of the United States. He is the subject of more than 15,000 books and has been depicted in movies, on television, and in advertising. The Chicago History Museum has had many exhibitions about Lincoln throughout the years. Our collection has very special artifacts that help tell the story of Lincoln’s life, including his family carriage and the bed on which he died. In this week’s activities, explore the life and work of our sixteenth president. By creating paintings, a timeline, a speech, and a replica of his famous top hat, discover why Lincoln is important today and what it means to live in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln!

Imagining Lincoln | Close Looking, Drawing

Abraham Lincoln is portrayed larger than life in the painting The Railsplitter (1860). Look carefully at the artwork to find all the details that show Lincoln’s leadership qualities and tell his life story. Then make a poster honoring someone you admire!

Lincoln’s Life and My Life | Reading, Writing, Drawing

Abraham Lincoln led a very interesting life, from humble beginnings in a frontier cabin to becoming the sixteenth president of the United States. Create a timeline book that shows Lincoln’s life story side by side with yours!

Lincoln’s Undying Words | Reading, Writing, Crafting

Lincoln was known for his speeches, many of which are still recited by students today and continue to inspire contemporary leaders. Read an excerpt from his second inaugural address and create your own “found poem” from the text.

Hats Off to Lincoln! | Crafting, Researching, Writing, Performing

Lincoln was famous for wearing a top hat. Have fun making your own paper top hat. Then wear it proudly as you write and give a speech about an issue you care about!

In His Honor: Lincoln by the Numbers | Reading, Game Playing, Drawing, Crafting

Lincoln’s memory is honored by places named for him and his image appearing in public art, on postage stamps, and of course on the penny! Discover the many ways Lincoln has been remembered, then create a stamp, coin, or statue in honor of someone you think is important.

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