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A Light-hearted Lightfoot

Every Sunday, we’re featuring a story submitted to our community-based initiative, In This Together, which collects digital records that capture personal experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Like many people, I’ve been delighted by the Where’s Lightfoot Instagram account. Humor is definitely one of preferred coping mechanisms and I appreciate having something to smile about during these times of uncertainty. Also like many people, I’ve been taking a long walk at the end of the work day. I live on the Near West Side, so I take my walks through the industrial areas nearby. I rarely see other people, and we’re able to stay far away from each other if I do. I also get to see this somewhat hidden part of the city. It has its own unique architecture and feel—some of the businesses have been there forever, while other warehouses are now full of smaller businesses that include everything from breweries to coffee roasters to photography studios. Before I set out on my walk on this particular Wednesday,  I had read a news story about how Mayor Lightfoot driving around different neighborhoods the day before, telling people in groups to go home. Even though it’s a matter of life or death, a particularly nice day had tempted people out into unsafe situations. I rounded a corner and this warehouse window caught my eye—was that a mini Lightfoot watching me from the corner of the window? Thank goodness I had my mask on! It made me smile for the first time on a tough day.”

— Julie Wroblewski, Near West Side

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